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Relieve your guests from the guesswork of where to sit and make them feel special by placing their names on the table. Place cards can also be a fun way to add a personal touch to your event. Place cards may add character, detail, and wit to your table setting, and are one of those small touches that, if done correctly, can earn you many compliments and the adoration of your guests, but if done incorrectly, will go unnoticed so choose wisely where you are getting it printed. Bamboo Printing caters to innovative ways to sign place cards and add a little warmth to your hospitality. If you are having a small event for less than 50 people, there may not be an issue, but if your guest list exceeds 500 people, you will need a proper seating arrangement and here place cards to come into play. Give your gathering a welcoming but formal and well-planned atmosphere.

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Available in Gloss, Matte and Velvet Matte for select applications.

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