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Give compliments! It will not take away your millions of dollars. For there is no tax levied on giving one and it builds strong relationships and trust. Compliant slips are the piece of paper with the identical name and address information as on your letterhead, the pre-printed salutation “with compliments” or “with our/my compliments,” and space for a short handwritten note below it. Compliment slips allow you and your customer or client or employees to make a real relationship. By including a compliment sheet in the envelope with a brochure, you demonstrate that you can take the time to provide excellent customer service and that attention to detail is vital to you. Get the best compliment slips from Bamboo Printing, Australia’s leading source of business card printing, with over two decades of hands-on knowledge that exceeds all expectations.

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Available in Gloss, Matte and Velvet Matte for select applications.

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